Printer DCA

Printer DCA 4.5

Collects data on the work of printer devices
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4.5.30612 (See all)

Collect critical information to generate and analyze statistical data on printers. Monitor the work of a compatible device model and extract logs containing meters, performance, and supply level data, then process them and present in a comprehensible format.

This files belongs to product Printer DCA Service and were developed by company PrintFleet Inc. This files have description Printer DCA Service. This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process printerdca.service.exe.
Product: Printer DCA Service
Company: PrintFleet Inc
Description: Printer DCA Service
Version: 4.1
MD5: E18585221995807E60F8F3052475F949 *1
Size: 71424 *1
Directory: %PROGRAMFILES%\Printer DCA\PrinterDCA.Service.exe
Operating System: Windows XP *1

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